Mimi & Cookie

Mimi & Cookie is a french brand of organic textile, for the youngest from 0 to 3 years old. It proposes childcare accessories, clothing and also accessories for mothers. The special feature of the brand is to be ecofriendly in its way of working as a firm.

 Valeurs Mimi & Cookie

It commits oneself to guarantee the preservation of the planet and brings to you the best quality as possible for your children and yourselves. We propose items which respect the environment and the humankind. All of its used fabrics for collections come from organic agriculture, certified GOTS. It means: “best for the environment (no toxic and chemical products, dangerous for the health….) best production conditions for the small producers of cotton and best quality of cotton for the customer”. Also, the fabrics used by the brand, are printed with original and colorful patterns which are proper to the brand. The items claim to be useful by staying wholesome, sane and lovely.


The brand added value doesn’t stop to that: The collections are thought in Steenwerck, in the North of the France. Its production is also made in France, in the French Flanders and in Dunkirk territory. As a matter of fact, a medico-social organization which is also called “ESAT” produces some of our items. It allows mentally disabled people, to fit into a work environment. Therefore, we preserve jobs and maintain our CO2 emissions at the lowest rate we can do, the whole, in good social conditions..


Mimi & Cookie wishes to be entirely in an ecofriendly approach by using stationaries made of 100% recycled and biodegradable woodfibre. Also, the boxes for sending are collected beside local storekeepers, are reused until the end of their lives, and are finally recycled.